Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is outLink ?
    • outLink is agriculture & agribusiness management platform that enables farmers smartly monitor their business and to have access to useful information that help them make the best decisions maximum production and profit.
  2. Who can use outLink ?
    • Any farmer
  3. Why should I use outLink ?
    • To keep your records safely, translate them into timely reports that generates a good decision making tool for Financial inclusion, Agricultural inputs and access to lucrative market.
  4. Do I need to pay to use outLink ?
    • No outLink is free to all users, though users pays for the costs on extra services described here.
  5. Is outLink for farmers only?
    • No, outLink can be used across any enterprise like market opportunities identification
  6. If I failed to pay subscription when I already have my data in outLink, what would happen?
    • Your data will still be safe and you will have access to it only that you may not enter new data.
  7. Do you give trial version of your application?
    • Yes, our trial versions run for a period of six months. Though you will have to pay Tsh 250 ($0.11)/1GB/Month, you will not be charged if your storage is below 1GB and most users fall below 1GB.
  8. If I am in a remote are where we have poor/no internet connection, how can I use outLink?
    • You will be provided with an offline version whereby you will be able to use and upload data when you get internet access.
  9. What about confidentiality and privacy of my data?
    • Client data is accessed securely over the internet; uses https which is secure connection. You are the one to decide who should have access to which data and how it should be accessed.
  10. Do you also have outLink mobile app?
    • Yes, but still under active development. Available as outLinkApp on Play store, final version is coming soon
  11. Do you give training and refresher training to your farmers?

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