Uwepo wa huduma hizi (upatikanaji wa mikopo, ushauri na kuunganishwa na masoko) huongeza kipato cha mkulima kwa asilimia hamsini na saba (57%) na uongeza mavuno kwa asilimia miamoja sitini na nane (168%). Siku hizi huduma zinatolewa kwa kiwango kikubwa kupitia tehama “ICT”. Ifikapo 2025, asilimia themanini na saba (87%) ya wakulima katika Kaya watakuwa wakimiliki […]

Management/Prevention of aflatoxin contamination.

Aflatoxins are secondary fungal metabolites that contaminate agricultural commodities and can cause sickness or death in humans and animals. Risk of aflatoxin contamination of food and feed in Africa is increased due to environmental, agronomic and socio-economic factors. Management Prevention or management of aflatoxin contamination may be directed at both the process of contamination and […]

Planning ahead helps farmers to stay on track.

Whether you are a full-time farmer or growing your own vegetables for your family planning ahead really matters for farms especially in this fast-paced world we live in. Farm Management Information System facilitates to mapping out a plan to help farmers cope with expected climate change threats to agriculture. With this platform you can record […]

Digital Farming

1). Use a mobile phone to select a farm that you want to be mapped with a mobile app 2). Take GPS points of your farm STEPS FOR DIGITIZING YOUR FARM. 3). Save the KML file to be uploaded to the Farming Management Information System. 4). Choose Add area 5). Upload a KML file that […]

Mapping farm

Farming Management Information System platform enable you to map your farm Areas, by in just few clicks no programming knowledge required. Features provided by the platform; Name (Naming a farm area), Area type (for color code of an area on the map like Property, Building, Field, Warehouse and Water), Geometry (provides futures for drawing on […]

Financial inclusion for smallholder farmers

OUTREACH TRADERS provides backstop technology in Agriculture value chain in ensuring that smallholder farmers are assisted with valuable information for financial inclusion. We quickly gather and analyze data from across the agricultural supply chain and provide information and insights with dramatic impact at every stage of the value chain. Working with agribusinesses to digitize value chain payments and enable smallholder financing. […]


Linking Farmers to Markets, Financial sectors are using the perceived ‘risks’ involved with agro-finance to deny deserving farmers credit that could help turn around the agriculture sector. FarmCode links Farmers to Markets, hence a farmer can access market data, this will re-structure the practice of traditional practice is becoming more essential to optimize the supply […]

Quarterly Report Sept.-Dec. 2018

Precision Agriculture Technologies makes the practice of farming more accurate and controlled when it comes to the growing of crops. This farm management approach uses information technology and other array of items such as GPS guidance, control systems, sensors, robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, variable rate technology, GPS-based soil sampling, automated hardware, telematics, and software. OUTREACH Traders […]

Digitizing agriculture

Digitizing agriculture will allow farmers to make decisions based on data rather than emotion or hype.  By 2050 our world population is expected to approach 10 billion, Digitization allows us to grow more food with fewer resources on less land. Magugu Rice farmers, Irrigation Eng, Agriculture officers, Village officers, etc. during a workshop on Digitizing agriculture […]