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In order to keep children learning during the COVID19 pandemic whereby they are left without Schooling worldwide due to Coronavirus, Online Schooling platform “ElimuOutreach” brings a learning experience to where Students and Teachers are located.

We bridge the gap between modern technology and users, we help empower them to grow and improve their future prospects.

ElimuOutreach platform offers conducive teaching and learning environment for students and teachers to interact.

outLink platform helps farmers to monitor, plan and analyse all farm activities easily with agronomic support and financial linkages.

ElimuOutreach is Best for: Students, Teachers, Parents, Academic Institutions.

outLink is Best for: Farmers, Researchers, Agriculture Consultants.

ElimuOutreach: is a web-based application that offers conducive teaching and learning environment for students and teachers to interact across Tanzania. A student can request for a special Coaching and this platform helps students and teachers organize assignments, forum, quiz, boost collaboration, and foster better communication.

outLink is a web-based application for farm management solution through field planning, planting, growing, harvest operations and record management. Includes: Mapping your farm, track and record the crops you plant, tracks harvest data, livestock, equipment, chemicals, fertilizer, tillage, manage all your storage operations efficiently.

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Strengthening linkages to experts  support through data-driven systems.

24/7 Support

Get rid of setbacks with access to better management and analysis platforms.

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OUTLINK CO. & Outreach Traders are registered in Tanzania.

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We offer you unrivaled experience and expertise, with latest technologies in all sectors.

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Over eight (8) years of experience in Implementing Online teaching and learning platform in academic institutions of higher learning.